Bill your Evaluation and Management (EM) services based on time accurately and confidently with DocTime.  DocTime is a medical timer developed to assist physicians and other healthcare providers who bill EM services based on time.

DocTime features a "double" timer that allows providers to capture both the total time of the visit and the total time spent counseling and/or coordinating care for the patient - click once to start the clock at the beginning of a patient encounter - click again to start a second timer when counseling with the patient begins - click again and both timers are stopped.  Both times are displayed, giving you the total time of the visit as well as the total time spent counseling and/or coordinating care.  Billable levels of service are displayed including Prolonged Care Units.

DocTime is simple to use and is flexible to service needs and discretion.  Services included are:

Critical Care, Domicilary Care/Rest Home/Custodial Care, Home Care Plan Oversight, Home Services, Inpatient, Nursing Facility, Observation and Outpatient


Customize the timer screen by changing the color of the timer indicator buttons

Hide or display timer clocks for patient discretion

Pause timers for non-billable interruptions

Time based billing services based on CMS guidelines

Total times for each service are summarized for reference and performance evaluation

Supports multiple languages

Stop over estimating or under estimating your patient visit time - Your time is VALUABLE - Your time is MONEY - Let DocTime help you get the most for both!


DocTime is to be used as an aid for healthcare providers to accurately capture billable timed services.  DocTime should not be used to replace documentation reflecting patient care and medical necessity for services provided by a healthcare provider.

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